Volunteer Hours

26 Apr

Roughly 250 individuals, half of which were children from Evergreen School, have volunteered at the park. The Boy Scouts, Audubon and home-schooled children enthusiastically helped us make the park a better place.

535 trees planted (Arboretum, Trail of Cedars, Open Space, Arboretum Annex, etc.)

500+ shrubs planted

170+ trees over 20′ tall

12+ trees over 40′ tall

Special thanks to Bill Majorki, District Manager, King County Parks & Kirk Peterson, Park Superintendent, Shoreline Parks Department.


Volunteer Hours

Vandalism at Twin Ponds Park!

9 Sep

The serious carnage began Friday, August 17 in ‘Open Space’.  I was shocked to see a big hole cut through the native shrubs I planted a decade ago.  Stunned, I followed the 6 – 12′ path of destruction all the way to the little side path to the ‘Southern Forest’.  This energetic, misguided male (no woman would do this) was following our line of mostly conifers and limbing up every tree.  Some were malpruned 6′ up the trunk.  Dozens of native shrubs were hacked to the ground including many Sword ferns.  Whenever he saw conifers we had planted to the left or right he went right after them.  51 of our trees were malpruned or mutilated, 42 of them conifers.

The carnage continued throughout the weekend and into the following week.  I had the bad luck of always being in the park when he was not and vice versa.  Finally I caught him in the act at 7:30 A.M. on Wednesday, August 22.  I photographed him as he hacked and slashed in the ‘Arboretum Annex’.  He agreed to go to City Hall with me and I ended up giving his name and necessary information to the Shoreline Police.  Later a Deputy Sheriff came to the park and took a complete statement from me.

The culprit, a 61 year old South Korean, took it upon himself to cut a fire trail through the heart of the park.  The fire in the Cle Elum area persuaded him to take action at Twin Ponds Park.  Unwittingly, he was actually creating a fire hazard in the park with a double edge effect and piles of dried out branches during the longest dry spell in Seattle recorded history!

The pictures below don’t really capture the true damage, but they give you an idea.

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Earth Day at Twin Ponds Park

4 May

On April 23, 2012 thirty-five home-schooled children and their parents celebrated Earth Day at Twin Ponds Park. They pulled up ivy, dug up blackberries, and sheet mulched Yellow Archangel (an escaped ornamental). These happy Earth Day celebrants were led by Stewards John Dixon and Dick Decker and the founder of Diggin’ Shoreline, Meghan Peterka. It was a glorious spring day!

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*Pictures taken by Tom Hosler

Evergreen School Kids Pulling Ivy!

10 Mar

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On March 8, 80 children from Evergreen School pulled out ivy in the North Woods of Twin Ponds Park. There were several teachers and parents and 5 stewards assisting the children. The weather was good and energy was high! Everyone had a great time.


19 Dec

Did you know that habitat enhancement has been going on at Twin Ponds Park in Shoreline, WA since 1990? Dedicated local volunteers have put in thousands of hours over the years. They’ve cleared acres of invasive plants, dug up and removed tons of asphalt and concrete that was dumped in the park, and planted 500 trees and countless shrubs. 130 of those trees are now over 20′ in height and at least 6 are over 40′ in height. They also do plant maintenance year round.

The restoration party meets in the park every Thursday morning from 8-11am. You can find them in various locations, including “Open Space”, the “Arboretum”, and the “Trail of Cedars”. Interested in learning more or joining the party? Show up and see what it’s all about!

John Dixon


(206) 363-2987

Thank you!